Making Blockchain Simple

Plutology is a website designed to explain blockchain technology and how it’s going to improve your life in the future.

The core pages of the site will be focused on how it all actually works, starting with the basics of blockchain. After that, we’ll move on to explain what is meant by consensus and the importance of smart contracts.

If you don’t really care to learn about how the technology actually functions, you can skip right ahead to our use cases section. This should explain all the benefits that blockchain will provide you with, and the changes you’ll start seeing over the next decade or so. If you’re ready to get involved with blockchain or you’re looking to buy your first cryptocurrencies, dive into our article section for guides such as how you can make purchases, the different types of exchanges and how you can keep everything secure. I’ll keep this updated with lots of new information added over time.

Heard a particular word or phrase related to blockchain that you don’t understand? There is a glossary section so that you can quickly look up any blockchain or crypto-related terminology. You’ll also find tooltips that can be accessed by hovering over a word (or clicking it on mobile devices) to find the definition. If you’d like to submit any corrections, suggestions or have any other queries, please contact me at